Automations in Quickbooks

Using automations in Quickbooks can make running your business so much simpler! Instead of manually repeating the same tasks day in and day out, the software will do it for you. Automations are completely customizable and setting them up will save you a lot of time in the long run. 

Why Use Automations?

It’s easy to get into a monthly or quarterly rhythm with business processes and not even think about why you complete tasks the way you do. It becomes all about ticking the next thing off your mile-long to-do list. However, by taking time to evaluate what you are doing and how you can do it more efficiently, you can gain back time to focus on other tasks. 

Avoid Human Error

Making a small data-entry typo could mean big problems for your finances. By moving to automated systems, your financial data will be pulled into Quickbooks directly without having to lay a hand on your keyboard. 

Efficiency and Speed

Automations are right up there with the best tricks from legendary duo Penn and Teller. They are like magic! But seriously, business owners can save many hours each month by using automations to help easily manage and quickly reconcile their books. 

More Time To Focus on the Work

Time saved by using automations for bookkeeping and managing finances will afford you more time to attend to other aspects of your business. Using automations allows you to get back to the reason you started your venture in the first place and provides more time to invest in growing your business, too! 

Types of Automations

Automations are actions that you can set up to be repeated regularly — whether they are triggered by another action or on a set time interval. There are many specific types of automations in the various versions of Quickbooks, and all of them can be used to optimize your workflow. Here are some of our frequently used favorites.

Live Feeds

Connecting Quickbooks to your business’s banks and credit cards will enable the platform to pull every transaction and add it into your records. It also gives you access to all of your financial information in one place, making it easy and simple to get a quick high-level look at your business finances day-to-day. You can also view bank statements and import them directly into the accounting section of Quickbooks.

Using Rules

Utilizing the rules feature in Quickbooks is easy — with the press of a button to take one action, it will automatically follow the rules you set to do additional tasks. For instance, you can set up a rule that when you add a new customer to your contacts, Quickbooks will automatically draft a new invoice every time. 

Management Reports 

You can configure management reports or financial statements to autofill with information from other areas in Quickbooks. This will save you from repetitive tasks like drafting up statements each quarter and pulling together the relevant data each time. This can also save you from mistyping information that could lead to serious financial headaches.

Use Integrations

If you use apps like Square for payment, or even task management software like Trello, you can integrate with Quickbooks to sync your data. For instance, if you process a transaction in Square, it can automatically post to Quickbooks. And if you make a new invoice, you can instantly create a new card in Trello. 

Post Transactions Automatically

For repeat expenses, such as utilities, leases and fees, it can be helpful to post transactions automatically. This will save you the trouble of entering each transaction every time it happens. Instead, Quickbooks will do it for you!

Recurring Invoices

For customers you invoice regularly, it can be helpful to set up recurring invoices. These are premade invoices that can be configured to send to customers at regular intervals. This removes the need to set monthly calendar reminders and spend time creating invoices by hand each month. 

Confused? Contact Gift CPAs!

At Gift CPAs, our team is here to help you optimize and automate your finances and bookkeeping so you can invest more time growing your business! Our team of Quickbook ProAdvisors offer personalized Quickbooks training as well as expert Quickbooks Setup if you aren’t sure where to begin. 

To meet with a Gift CPAs professional and get personalized advice about simplifying your business finances, or to learn about our other services, contact us to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you virtually or at one of our five locations in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Myerstown, Ephrata or Lancaster!

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