Getting Started with QuickBooks Online & A ProAdvisor

As a small business owner, keeping your finances, balance sheets, invoices, and other accounting documents in order can often be easier said than done. QuickBooks Online is a wonderful option for those searching for a supportive tool to track all the essential numbers. 

Benefits for your business

QuickBooks provides a tool chest of reports, documents, integrations, and other capabilities designed specifically for business owners like you. And working with QuickBooks is much more than simply choosing an accounting software. QuickBooks allows your business to collaborate easily with accountants and those outside of your company who may need insight into reports and more. 

Benefits include:
  • Having one central location to store and track accounting data
  • QuickBooks is universally used, so you never have to wonder if your accountant or CPA can access the data 
  • It is user friendly and can be navigated without prior accounting knowledge
  • It is cost-effective and a lower entry point for software than other competitors 


If QuickBooks Online sounds like a good fit for you but you’re still unsure of your own skills actually managing the tool, Intuit designed a wonderful mentoring program that gives you access to seasoned professionals who know the software inside and out. Cue Gift CPAs’ ProAdvisors. 

What is a ProAdvisor? 

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a professionally trained, tested, and recognized by Intuit as someone who can guide other QuickBooks clients or employees using the software. Simply put, ProAdvisors are experts you can trust who learned the software by simply using the software. In addition, ProAdvisors have insight into both the technical and accounting perspectives of the software and understand that managing your business’s finances may not be your expertise.

At Gift CPAs, we have a team of experienced QuickBooks professionals, many of who have achieved the ProAdvisor title, ready to help you master your account. 

Why work with a ProAdvisor?

Working with a ProAdvisor gives you access to an entire supportive and collaborative community. Not only do QuickBooks ProAdvisors have resources at Intuit, they also have an online forum where they help each other for unique customer situations and one-off questions. So while the questions you are searching for have probably come across their desks in the past, they can easily find the answers you need by connecting with other ProAdvisors. 

Whether you just started using QuickBooks or you’ve had an account for years, connecting with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor in your area can be a huge benefit to your business. Having a mentor in any area of your business is encouraged, and working with a ProAdvisor can be a great resource for navigating through unfamiliar territory in both accounting practices and QuickBooks Online.

Gift CPAs’ support 

Our experts offer personalized training for your employees. So whether we come to your location or schedule a call or online session, one-on-one training allows us to focus on your business’s unique challenges and not lose time focusing on items that don’t impact your business. 

We can also assist with setup, cleanup, and any other questions you may come across while working with QuickBooks. If you’re interested in learning more about our ProAdvisors and how we can support your business, schedule an appointment with our team today.

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