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The automotive industry is fast paced and rapidly changing. Running your business is a complex balancing act. Not only do you need to be the expert on the vehicles themselves, but also the mentor for your team, the scheduling guru, the chief customer service agent and the head of supply chain management to make sure the parts are in when you need them. Whether you sell cars, service them, specialize in collision repair or customization, the variety of day-to-day challenges when running an automotive services company are virtually limitless.

To keep your business running smoothly and maximize your growth potential, you need to find the right partner. The most successful businesspeople know that they need to focus their efforts and energy on the things that they do best and find an expert partner to help them with the rest. From regular bookkeeping to preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual tax filings, Gift CPAs expertise can serve as the complement you need to improve cashflow, efficiency and profitability. With access to great collaborative tools like QuickBooks Online and personalized service from our Outsourced Bookkeeping team, many of our automotive services clients save significant administrative time every month, letting them focus on growing their business.

For these situations and so many more, businesses in south central PA turn to Gift CPAs. We have over 30 years of experience providing bookkeeping services to small and mid-size companies.  Whether you are just starting your company and don’t yet need a full-time bookkeeper, aren’t ready to take on the challenge and expense of managing an accounting staff member or you just want the comfort of knowing that your finances will be handled by an experienced team who understands your business, Gift CPAs can help.

As part of the Business Builder Suite™ Gift CPAs now offers Outsourced Bookkeeping, allowing you access to a team of bookkeepers and services to help keep your business financials on-track. Our bookkeeping packages can be customized to provide you with the services you need today, and can readily grow to add the services you will need tomorrow.


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From companies that specialize in foreign imports to all-in-one corner garages, Gift CPAs has worked with them all. We know that the automotive services market is dynamic and demanding. And we know how to use our expertise to help you manage your business. From weekly bookkeeping to annual taxes, we are here to help our clients, and we would love to help you.


We Provide

  • Small Business Accounting 

    • Provide Regular reports and recommendations

    Outsourced Bookkeeping

    • Review and compile financial statements

    QuickBooks Training

    • Train your accounting personnel
    • Streamline accounting processes

    Tax Services 

    • Prepare and analyze cash flow projections 
    • Set up Fed ID and assist with sales tax issues 



Whether you specialize in exhaust repairs or body work, or sell vehicles along with providing general service and inspections, these 5 tips will help you keep your finances – and your shop – in order:

  • Be a cash management master: learn what your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cash requirements are, and monitor your cash position at all times.
  • Build a business model with your CPA to understand the effects of materials and labor cost changes on your business.
  • Establish a target for how much income should be coming from your different income streams (parts, labor, vehicle sales).
  • Develop a plan to pay vendors promptly without eroding your cash position.
  • Be diligent with recordkeeping and filing. Don’t forget that some records need to be retained indefinitely.


These tips are only the beginning. Contact Gift CPAs to see what other advice and guidance we can provide to help you take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting plays a fundamental part in running an automobile business because it helps you track income and expenditures, while easily generating financial reports, which can be used in making business decisions in the automobile industry.

Dealerships using Last-in, First Out can accurately match cost and revenue figures and recover material cost completely, making it a frequently chosen method of accounting for inventory for dealerships.

“Gift CPAs is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and detail-oriented. When we need small business tax help, they are always able to provide the solutions we need, and always exceeded my expectations. They will always have our business and I would highly recommend them.”
Christopher Kilhefner
Moe’s Auto Repair

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