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We provide accounting and bookkeeping services in Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Akron/Ephrata, Myerstown, and throughout Central PA to small and mid-sized businesses who are looking for a one-on-one relationship and ongoing business advisory. You are matched with an accountant and bookkeeper who will be dedicated to you and your business. You have the option to meet in person, over the phone, or over video to talk about your financial picture and discuss your overall business goals.

We offer fixed-fee billing to our clients so they are able to budget more effectively. It opens up the relationship because a client is never afraid to call or reach out because of trying to avoid a large bill.  

Schedule A Consultation

We'd be more than happy to see what your needs are to see if there's a good fit.

Your first point of contact is with a Relationship Manager. It is ideal to meet with the owner/partners of the business in order to have the best overall picture of the business’s objectives. Your Relationship Manager will learn about you and your business, your struggles and successes, and most importantly, your goals. She is available to answer any questions you might have and give you an understanding of our processes and the various services which we offer that would suit your business. 

Depending on your needs we may ask for necessary documents such as bank statements, access to your accounting records (QuickBooks, QBO, etc.), point of sale information, financial statements and your most recent tax returns (including Schedule E).

We issue you a secure, online portal link where you can upload these documents to our team for review.

Once we get a good idea of your current financial situation, your Relationship Manager will schedule an in-person meeting with you to go over our recommendation of services, the monthly fee associated with the services, and any next steps.

Of course, we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Review Financial Documents

Securely submit your financial documents for our experts to review and create a custom plan.

Review Services Proposal

Our custom services proposal is designed to help you meet your goals, and is unique for your business needs.

If you agree to work with Gift CPAs, a service agreement will be presented to confirm the services discussed and proposed for you to sign. The first month’s fee and one-time set-up fee are also due.

Your Relationship Manager will schedule an installation meeting where you will officially meet your dedicated Accountant and Bookkeeper team. This meeting usually occurs about a week after you sign the service agreement.

As we are preparing for your installation meeting, your Relationship Manager will work on finding the best Accountant and Bookkeeper team that meets the needs of you and your business.

At the installation meeting, you will officially meet your Accountant and Bookkeeper team. Your communication will move from your Relationship Manager to your new accounting team. Do not worry, your Relationship Manager is always available for you. Your new accounting team will be your experts in coaching and providing you with guidance and advice on how to address both the day-to-day challenges of business operations and to develop plans for reaching big-picture, long-term goals, and objectives.

Establishing mutual and clear expectations will be important during this meeting. We will go over clear objectives and establish deadlines so that we can remain on the same page throughout our journey.

We ask that you bring any additional questions you may have and the remaining necessary documents for this meeting.

You decide what's best!

If partnership is what you want and need, then we'd be glad to take the next steps towards your success together!



Faced with turbulent environments, small businesses benefit from stabilizing forces, which is what Gift CPAs provides for our clients. Unlike the hourly models employed by some professional service firms that can limit a client’s ability to access support and advice when a challenge arises, we partner with our clients through fixed-rate monthly service plans. This means ongoing access to our expert team, giving you the ability to get help when you need it without having to worry about unexpected costs.

This approach also allows you to spread the expense of tax-time services across the year and the ongoing services simplify what can otherwise be a daunting process. With ongoing unlimited access and the ability to schedule more detailed reviews, annual financial reporting no longer needs to be a burden you bear alone.

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