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Keep donations, accounts, and more organized for your Central PA nonprofit organization

Nonprofits serve our communities, providing vital services and supporting causes that enrich the lives of our friends and neighbors. But managing the finances of nonprofits takes specialized expertise and experience that can easily become a distraction for the members and managers of the nonprofits. That’s where Gift CPAs can help for nonprofits in the Mechanicsburg, Myerstown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Ephrata areas. 

Your nonprofit status brings with it responsibilities and obligations to demonstrate that the public funds and donations needed to run the organization are being used properly. Our years of experience working with nonprofits ensures that you get access to experts that understand what is required to do this and keep nonprofits thriving.


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From the local fire company to adoption agencies and VFWs, Gift CPAs has worked with a variety of nonprofits.



Each year, the IRS requires most tax-exempt organizations to submit the Form 990 and other related documents which include: 

  1. Income Statement 
  2. Balance Sheet 
  3. Functional Expense Statement 
  4. Individual Program Expense Statement 
  5. Revenue Support Schedules 

If you are unsure which forms are required for your organization, we are here to help you figure it out.


We Provide

  • Small Business Accounting 

    Tax Services 

    • Prepare and analyze cash flow projections 
    • Set up Fed ID and assist with sales tax issues 

Frequently Asked Questions

For-profit organizations use their accounting system to track net income, while non-profits keep a statement of financial position, which can be used to further the mission of the organization.

Nonprofits are required by law to provide the public with their annual IRS returns. The AICPA suggests that all nonprofits use certified public accountants for financial accountability.

The benefits of nonprofit accounting services include security, ability to monitor financial visibility and track grants, up to date compliance, quick data access, and so much more.

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Visit your local GIFT CPA office, or set up a chat with an advisor!