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As a business in the food industry, accounting and bookkeeping are a major part of your operation but probably aren’t your specialty. It’s important to work with an outsourced accountant who understands the ins and outs of your business and all that goes into it. 

When you choose an accountant to partner with, you should consider their experience in your industry. They should help you capture all areas of your financial picture, from organizing your books and tracking income statements to filing inventory orders and understanding your POS system. 

In addition to general organization and bookkeeping, the right accountant should also provide you with financial reports and data you can analyze to predict future profitability. Gift CPAs works with businesses in the Mechanicsburg, Myerstown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Ephrata areas. 


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For a food and beverage business to be successful, it needs to have a solid financial management system or partner. If you are running a restaurant, you need to have a way of accounting for the salaries paid to the employees, recording transactions, reporting total sales, and analyzing your restaurant. Without an efficient accounting system or function, these administrative areas of your business can get mismanaged, overlooked, and hurt your bottom line. 

The right partner should provide you with a clear picture of your business and provide support in areas you need most. These can include: 

  • Business planning
  • Budget preparation
  • Analyzing the cost of goods sold
  • Analyzing labor costs and salaries
  • Payroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting plays an essential role in running restaurant services because it creates a layout of all the business’ financial situations, which makes decision making simpler in such a fast-paced business.

The accrual method provides more accurate financial data, therefore it is the most ideal accounting method for restaurants. Small restaurants and bars generating a revenue of $1 million in a year can choose between either cash or accrual methods.

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