5 Tools to Invest in This Year to Help Keep Your Business Organized

1. QuickBooks for bookkeeping 

QuickBooks is a great tool for managing your business accounting and sending out invoices. Depending on the QuickBooks version you use, you can do everything from invoicing and generating reports to running your team’s payroll. If you’re unsure of which QuickBooks option is right for your needs, check out our resource guide on the different levels and which is best for various businesses. 

Our experts offer personalized training for your employees. Whether we come to your location or schedule a call or online session, one-on-one training allows us to focus on your business’ unique challenges and not lose time focusing on items that don’t impact your business.

2. A calendar that works for you 

A calendar or similar system is necessary to schedule meetings, record deadlines, and keep track of everything in between. Whether you like using a pen and paper or prefer a digital schedule, the options are endless and there really is something out there for everyone. The key is finding a solution that works for your needs. 

For teams needing a transparent solution, many suites like Google Workspace (previously G Suite) and Office365 offer online calendars that are great for collaborating. Set up a personal calendar, keep track of team meetings, and utilize specific calendars for marketing campaigns, due dates, and so much more. 

3. Time tracking tool 

Whether you only have two or three employees or utilize subcontractors for a portion of your work, tracking time and knowing the exact hours your employees worked is essential. Time tracking can also help track client hours and assess where your time is actually spent. 

TSheets is a great time tracking tool that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. It enables you to monitor each person’s work hours directly from QuickBooks Online. Employees can easily clock in and out through the TSheets mobile app or on their computer, and the timesheet information will automatically sync in real-time. 

TSheets also offers a built-in scheduling tool that can be utilized to forecast hours, plan for busy times, and give you a birds-eye view of employee schedules. 

Easily edit, review, and approve timesheets without moving between programs or importing data. Simplify payroll and stay organized while doing so!

4. A way to track company expenses 

Tracking company costs such as travel expenses, mileage, client lunches, or anything else that may be charged to a company credit card can be a pain, especially when it comes time to file your taxes. With today’s technology, you can use many helpful tools to simplify this aspect of your business.

We recommend Expensify, a user-friendly app that allows you to enter and track expenses with ease. The best part? This tool also automatically syncs with QuickBooks. Simply snap a photo of your receipts and submit it to the app. You don’t even have to save the receipt! Expensify auto-populates an expense report for you. 

5. A payment processing system 

A payment processing system that allows businesses that sell products to process money directly into their accounts can be a huge time and effort saver. Companies from Etsy shops to brick-and-mortars often choose Stripe or PayPal to accept payments. And for those that utilize QuickBooks for their accounting, both Stripe and Paypal integrate directly with QuickBooks. 

As a business owner, you don’t have to worry about importing every single transaction from Stripe into QuickBooks. The Stripe Sync app allows businesses to immediately sync a Stripe account with QuickBooks, automatically importing every transaction, saving you time, and keeping reporting in one place. 

Stripe and PayPal can handle your transactions and seamlessly work within your accounting software, from small payments to major purchases.

Additional Tools 

Do you utilize other must-have tools within your business? We’d love to hear! Share the other business tools that you rely on with us here on Facebook

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