How To Make The Most Out Of The ExtraGive 2021

Be part of Lancaster County’s largest day of giving! On November 19, 2021, you can join thousands of people across the community and the world to support more than 500 local organizations and have your donation STRETCHED by a pool of more than half a MILLION dollars from the Lancaster County Community Foundation, Rodgers & Associates, The High Foundation, and our other community sponsors! Mark your calendars and get ready to give EXTRA on November 19!

We have many clients, neighbors, friends, and community members participating in this year’s day of giving – which is why we wanted to create this helpful resource to get you EXTRA excited for the day! If you’re unsure how to approach the ExtraGive or need some ideas on ways to get involved, check out these 5 tips for making the most of this year’s give. 

1. Use their marketing tools

For nonprofits participating in this year’s ExtraGive, be sure to take advantage of the amazing toolkit put together for your use. You can find social media posts, email marketing tips, and more here

2. Let your stakeholders and community know 

Awareness is a huge component of any successful campaign – especially when it comes to fundraising. It’s crucial to let your community know that you’re participating and that they can support you. You may also want to outline how donations support your organization, what efforts the money will go towards, and how dollars actually translate into what you do. 

3. Have fun with it 

This day of giving is a special Lancaster County celebration. Have fun with it! Everyone involved with the ExtraGive is there for a reason: because they love supporting this wonderful community and want to help some amazing nonprofits. 

Don’t stress about the day or put unnecessary pressure on yourself or your team. Have fun, celebrate every win, and use the day as another reason to thank those who support you.

4. Get social! 

It’s no secret social media is a huge component to most businesses’ marketing mix these days. Use social media to your advantage by spreading the word about the ExtraGive, giving updates throughout the day, talking with your staff to share with followers what donations personally mean to you all, and more. 

Social media doesn’t have to be a huge production or professionally captured thing. You can share the real, raw moments with your audience and give them a behind-the-scenes peek into what the day means to you all. 

5. Celebrate others participating and share the love 

We are willing to bet that you know some other familiar faces participating in the ExtraGive. From physical neighbors to other nonprofits doing amazing work in our community, we encourage you to support them in whatever ways you can, too. This could be shoutouts on social media, swinging by their table to say hello, or following along with the content they share and post (and reposting it yourself!). 

Whatever ways you can support them and bring together the community for the larger good, we encourage you to do so. 

Mark your calendars and get ready to give EXTRA on November 19!

Have other questions about the ExtraGive? You can check out their website here or connect with our team to answer any questions you still have. We look forward to seeing and supporting many of you this day! 

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