5 Surprising Ways QuickBooks Can Help You Run Your Business

How QuickBooks Can Help You Run Your Business

Wherever you are in the Harrisburg region, and whatever makes your small business thrive, QuickBooks offers surprising tools that can help you improve your processes and save you valuable time and effort. After all, the more time you can spend focusing on running and growing your business the better. Let QuickBooks do the heavy lifting of day-to-day administrative and accounting tasks! 

As the most popular accounting software used by small businesses, QuickBooks can help you manage income, expenses, financial reporting and so much more. 

Gift CPAs has knowledge and expertise that can ensure you get the most out of QuickBooks. Here are five surprising ways you can use the platform.

1. Progress Invoicing

It is not uncommon for small businesses to take on sizable projects with costs for time and materials that are tracked over a long period of time. For these types of jobs, it is not always feasible to wait until the completion of the project to invoice a client for payment. This is where QuickBooks’ progress invoicing feature is useful. Progress invoicing makes it easy to split up total cost estimates into as many invoices as you need based on the timeframe of your work. So instead of billing the job in a single payment, you can send invoices for installments and properly track payments as the work is completed.

2. Memorized Transactions

Almost every small business has transactions that repeat on a monthly or other regularly scheduled basis. When a transaction occurs repeatedly from the same vendor, and applies to the same expense category, you can set up a memorized transaction in QuickBooks. Using this feature will automatically enter and categorize the transaction for you. You can set a memorized transaction to post daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Using the memorized transaction feature will not only save time; it will also reduce the chance of a manual error. 

3. Timesheets

It’s Friday and timesheets are due to process payroll. Mobile time sheets through QuickBooks Time makes the process of tracking time and projects easy for both you and your employees. QuickBooks Time easily allows employees to clock in and out and track paid time off from anywhere and the app works with or without cell coverage and is compatible with Android and iPhones as well as tablets. This makes working – and getting paid – from anywhere a breeze.

QuickBooks Time features enable employees to:

  • Clock in and out through a timecard app
  • Capture signatures to sign off on projects 
  • Submit and track PTO 

As an administrator, you can also use the app to track labor estimates on projects and manage work shifts.

4. Email Functionality

With a quick and easy setup, you can use QuickBooks to send invoices, receipts, reports and other transactions through Outlook or webmail. This feature also conveniently allows you to send documents and reminders directly from the software. 

If you use Outlook, the first step to setting up email functionality in QuickBooks is to contact your email provider for your incoming mail server address and your outgoing email server address. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to integrate QuickBooks with Outlook in a few easy steps. 

Webmail is another way to communicate electronically through QuickBooks. Once QuickBooks is linked to your webmail account, you can email a transaction without re-entering your password. 

Find step-by-step instructions for connecting your email to QuickBooks here.

5. Point of Sale 

Small businesses do business everywhere from brick and mortar spaces to pop-up events. To receive electronic payment from your customers from anywhere, QuickBooks offers a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system. The platform is integrated with tools to process purchase transactions, track inventory and manage customer data. It accepts multiple forms of payment including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Tap-to Pay. It also automatically syncs sales, payment and inventory data with QuickBooks Desktop. 

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